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Parasite Forecast Webinar

22nd March 2014

Pro-Ovine write and present the monthly parasite forecast webinar for NADIS (National Animal Disease Information Service) using detailed Met office data which gives the latest information on trends and likely disease risks across the UK for all the major parasitic disease of sheep from Nematodirus and Sheep Scab to Liver Fluke and GI worms. click on the link to view the most recent Webinar. http:... Read more

New Membership Options for 2014

1st March 2014

Membership Options for individuals and Farmer Discussion Groups There are four tired membership levels for individual flocks (BestValue, Bronze, Silver and Gold) to suit the amount of input you would like. Additional services such as faecal egg counting for liver fluke and roundworms,  forage analysis ration formulation and production analysis are all included in the Gold Package and available a... Read more

Latest Schmallenberg virus results show transmission even in a very cold winter and spring 2013.

10th May 2013

I would like to bring to the attention of sheep farmers and veterinary colleagues the results of recent active surveillance for Schmallenberg virus (SBV). Blood samples were taken in mid-March 2013 from six, yearling female sheep in a large commercial flock on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon prior to sale. The sheep had been managed outdoors in this location since birth. The animals were housed in a l... Read more

May 2013 Parasite Forecast

10th May 2013

Follow this link to the NADIS monthly parasite forcast webinar for sheep and cattle farmers written and presented by Peers Davies MRCVS from Pro-Ovine Sheep Vets. Read more

SBV, What you need to know.

22nd March 2013

The UK sheep industry is justifiably very concerned about the Schmallenberg virus (SBV). There are many sources of information available to sheep farmers on the internet and from various organisations but there is a great deal of confusion out there on how to apply this information to the way you manage your flock. Here we have attempted to summarise the most important information in a way that yo... Read more

Coping with low lamb prices

15th January 2013

The lamb price is at its lowest point since 2009 at an avg of 128p/kg LW, 25% lower than 12 months ago. Whilst these prices are very disappointing and when we got used to better prices in recent years it is not surprising. After a decade of contraction the sheep sector has seen a 2% expansion in breeding ewe numbers in the last 18 months. The combination of increased lamb numbers and the terrible ... Read more

Schmallenburg Virus (SBV) Monitoring

20th December 2012

Schmallenburg Virus (SBV) Monitoring SBV continues to be a worry on sheep farms.  It is characterised in sheep by late abortion and birth defects in lambs as well as barren ewes.  In order to gather as much information as possible on this serious new disease we need to find out how it is affecting flocks.  This form will help to monitor the prevalence of the virus on your farm and will also p... Read more

Forage Analyis

26th November 2012

With poor silage and grass quality this year along with a forecasted hard winter and high concentrate prices getting winter feeding right for pregnant ewes and finishing lambs is absolutely essential.   Contact us for forage analysis, ration formulation and independent, impartial nutritional advice. Read more


11th November 2012

Breeding ewes have very different nutritional requirements depending on the stage of pregnancy. Using simple management tools such as body conditions scoring every 2-3 weeks in the run up to lambing can help to ensure the ewe is fed correctly.   This is because body condition reflects the ewe’s body reserves, which can directly affect conception rate, litter size and lamb vigour. By accessing... Read more

Protect against Parasites

4th October 2012

Lamb performance and ewe fertility are huge concerns this year with poor forage quality and high parasite burdens on pasture. Lamb growth rates have been depressed particularly by lower sugar and protein levels in grazed forage. The cold, wet weather this summer has increased the amount of energy required by lambs, simply to survive (the maintenance requirement) before they can start to gain weigh... Read more

Congratulations Chris!

4th September 2012

Warmest congratulations to Chris Berry, one of our first Pro-Ovine clients, for winning the Novartis Young Shepherd competition. He is soon heading off to New Zealand to see how they do things over there. We all wish him a great time and look forward to hearing about it when he gets back.... Read more

Young shepherds and new entrants

29th June 2012

Young shepherds and new entrants are vitally important to the future of our sheep industry. We have helped many young farmers design or refine their business plans and health plans to achieve their aims for their flock. We are dedicated to supporting them with expert advice and mentoring which is subsidised in England and Wales through the Healthy Livestock Initiative and Farming Connect respectiv... Read more

Schmallenberg update

29th June 2012

Our scientific understanding of this new disease is advancing all the time. How best to protect your flock will depends on several factors including your location and planned lambing period. Add your details to our contact us page to receive regular email updates and advice on SBV and what you can do to minimise your risk.... Read more


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