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To combat the threat from internal parasites (Roundworms, Tapeworms and Liver Fluke)  properly we have to understand when to dose, which animal to dose and with which product.

Scouring Sheep Scouring Sheep Worm Egg Count and Wormer Resistance Testing Worm Egg Count and Wormer Resistance Testing We have developed the WormPro parasite control packages to tackle the roundworm, tapeworm and fluke challenges you face in your flock.

The service includes:

  • A farm visit to explain and discuss the issue and to formulate a workable plan
  • Diagnostic blood and faeces tests to access worm and fluke burden.
  • Parasite-Drug Resistance tests to establish which products will be most effective on your farm.
  • Further monitoring of the disease patterns on your farm throughout the year with regular pooled Faecal Egg Counts.
  • Testing, servicing and calibration of drenching and injecting equipment.

The most important element is the expert advice we provide to make sure you get the full picture and are able to make the most informed decisions.

We typically save our clients between £600 and £1900 per year with the WormPro service through a combination of more targeted wormer use, more appropriate wormer choice and improved ewe and lamb performance as well as reduced labour as a result of carrying out fewer treatments. Please contact us for further details.


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