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Concentrate feeding of ewes is the single largest variable cost on most sheep flocks.

  • Are you wasting money?
  • Could you feed smarter, spend less and get better results?

In most cases the answer to both these questions will be yes. Formulating a winter and pre-lambing diet to the needs of your own individual flock rather than simply using the traditional simple recipe for concentrate feeding can save thousands of pounds!

Recently we formulated a diet for a new client reducing his spend per head per day by 50% compared to the regime he had been using for the last 10years. The ewes performed better than they had previously and his feed bill was £1450 lower than it would otherwise have been.

The key to good nutrition is to consider every aspect of the feeding management to make sure that the feed value the diet provides on paper is actually what the sheep are getting and what they need. This very often is not the case and it can take an impartial, independent eye to recognise what can be done differently to make best use of the resources available.

The easy answer in the past has been to throw large quantities of very expensive ingredients at ewes “to be on the safe side”; this is an incredibly expensive way to farm sheep and an approach abandoned by the larger dairy farms and almost all pig and poultry farms, who have been forced to keep a much closer eye on costs for far longer. Getting good Independent advice pays for itself straight away and puts you back in control of your flock rather than the feed company. Please contact us for more details.


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