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Protect against Parasites

4th October 2012

Lamb performance and ewe fertility are huge concerns this year with poor forage quality and high parasite burdens on pasture. Lamb growth rates have been depressed particularly by lower sugar and protein levels in grazed forage. The cold, wet weather this summer has increased the amount of energy required by lambs, simply to survive (the maintenance requirement) before they can start to gain weight. High numbers of both Roundworms and Liver Fluke have caused dramatic losses on many units across the country and reduced efficiency and performance on many many more. We have spoken to dozens of farmers this autumn who are experiencing weight loss in ewes and lambs and drench failures. This year has emphasised the importance of having a comprehensive Parasite Control Plan and regular FEC testing in place to avoid expensive losses as a result of treating at the wrong time or with the wrong product. Internal parasites are a complex and ever changing threat to every sheep flock. The naïve days of simply, drenching stock on “they look like they need it”, or “we always drench them now” are behind us. To be a good shepherd now you need to understand the parasites and how they are evolving to prevent resistance and prevent unnecessary losses. As the old saying goes ‘Knowledge is power’. We offer advice, diagnostic and monitoring services on every aspect for parasite control for sheep which is relevant and practical for each situation. Contact us at for more details.


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