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Store Lamb Finisher

Intensive or extensive finishing of lambs requires a high degree of technical skill and insightful planning if a profit is to be made. It is certainly far easier to make a loss on store lambs than it is to make a profit. Every aspect of the enterprise has to be carefully planned from the type, weight and breed of lamb bought to the feed and forage that is fed and the vaccines and wormers administered. Slightly lower growth rate or higher mortality can wipe out the profit of the whole batch. We work with lamb finishers across the country applying the same core principles used by colleagues in the pig and poultry sectors in order to maximise the cost efficiency of your rearing and finishing system.

This does not mean making your system complicated? Quite the opposite!

We work with you to build a simple, robust system that protects your investment and your profit margin on every lamb. Every way we work with you saves money in several ways as a result. Our clients have saved money and time from cutting feed input costs, reduced vet medicine bills, or from reduced lamb mortality and labour requirement.


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