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Dairy Flock

Lacaune Dairy Ewe under our care Lacaune Dairy Ewe under our care The UK dairy ewe sector is one the most exciting areas of the industry in the UK. We have built a reputation for our knowledgeable, enthusiastic and pragmatic approach to the numerous challenges of milking ewes profitably. We often take referrals from other veterinary practices across the country lacking the experience or the time required to investigate flock issues successfully. We see the huge potential for the industry and we devote a great deal of time and effort to develop and improve our understanding of the limiting factors that limit the health and productivity of our flocks now and in the future.

We work with a wide range of flocks, large and small, faced with a wide range of challenges from diet formulation to lameness, mastitis, milk contamination and lamb mortality. We are in regular Communication with experts around the globe collaborating on research into a variety of dairy ewe management problems. We are hoping to launch a research project that will directly benefit the UK dairy flock, examining the relationship, causes and control measures between sub-clinical mastitis, somatic cell count SCC and milk yield along with an in-depth identification into the range of pathogens which are responsible. This will be the first investigation of this kind in the UK and will hopefully bring us closer to an understanding of what we can do to improve yields, milk hygiene and cheese quality.


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