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About Us

We work closely with our clients in order to maintain flock health but also aiding the farmer to help improve efficiency and management of their flocks. It is relatively easy to increase production but if that increased production comes at the price of far greater labor requirement or excessively expensive inputs then the system will fail.

All our advice is tailored to our clients own goals for their business. We make recommendations which we feel are practical to implement and based on solid research evidence and gained from our own experience working with our own sheep and hundreds of flocks across the whole of the UK both large and small. We provide a unique service to our clients, which combines the knowledge, skill and insight of dedicated sheep vets with practical flock husbandry experience and cutting edge, bespoke data analysis software.


  • We are work exclusively with sheep and sheep farmers.
  • We work with proactive shepherds and sheep farmers to prevent disease and maximise production. We are concentrate on the whole flock not just individual sick animals.

Peers Davies MA VetMB MRCVS

Peers has extensive practical experience of sheep farming through his own family farming partnerships and joint ventures with other producers as well as in-depth professional experience working with numerous farmers across the UK over the years improving the health and profitability of their flocks. 

Sheep farmers value his extensive knowledge and  practical approach to all aspects of flock health, husbandry and management. In addition to working with individual farmers Peers also provides consultancy to a number of agricultural business and vet practices in the UK and abroad. He is currently conducting scientific PhD research into mastitis with Nottingham University and a clinical trial with a leading mineral bolus company into trace element supplementation. His research interests focus on production limiting diseases in commercial sheep production including footrot and liver fluke as well as the insidious diseases such including MV, CLA, OPA, Border Disease and OvineJohnes.

What our clients think:

Mr Chris Berry

“Peers’ ongoing consultancy and advice to my sheep enterprise has helped no end to increase productivity and profitability of our flock. It has been extremely beneficial having a flock specialist and a vet evaluating what we are doing and how we are performing year on year as well as being on the end of the phone anytime with practical and rational advice.

He has made me look at what we do from many different angles, angles I wouldn’t have ever thought about.

Looking for ways in which we can improve what we do in a way that suits the flock, farm and importantly me the farmer has been priceless to the success of the work he had done with us.”



Pro Ovine

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